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Everybody wants to travel in the most affordable cost. Travelling helps to get closer to people around the globe. Travelling might bring some difficulties apart from its huge list of fun & enjoyment. However, there can be some situations that can dampen your holiday spirit. Imagine falling sick and needing medical attention. Need not to mention how much costly it might be to take any treatment in overseas. At the same time, nobody can guarantee sound health & medical emergencies can raise at any time. Now the question is, What can help you to overcome those situations? Undoubtedly, it’s a Travel medical Insurance.
The best insurance policies can help you out to get rid of these kind of unwanted situations in your trip. Trying to find the best insurance policies are the key to avoid these uncertain difficulties.

What you need to keep in mind when you take an insurance?

Depending on which country you are travelling, select your international travel insurance policy, which covers the cost of healthcare treatment overseas.

Consider a few important factors before you select a travel insurance policy, like country, age, and activity at the destination. The country you are travelling to, the risk and cost factors associated with it, etc. will help you identify the plan that is best suited for you. Travel insurance to Asian countries is less expensive than the European and American countries. The policy amount varies on factors like distance, risk factors, medical expenses of that country and such other parameters.

The insurance cover depends on your activity at the destination. If you are visiting for entertainment activities like sightseeing or shopping, the regular international travel insurance plan is sufficient. However, if you are planning on adventure activities, you will need to enhance your travel insurance cover with an added cost, since these are not included in the regular travel policy.

Travel insurance in Bangladesh is available for all age groups. Senior citizen plans include greater cover for diseases and hospitalization. Certain policies also safeguard your home back in Bangladesh, while you are travelling, or offer assistance to your family at home, etc. at a higher premium. This is when you break the stress of everyday life. Why not insure your travel so you could leave the stress behind!

Our Travel Insurances

Schengen Countries

  • Travel Time: 7 – 180 Days
  • Age Limit: 0.5 Years – 80 years
  • Premium: BDT 1,700 onwards

Worldwide (Schengen, USA & Canada)

  • Travel Time: 7 – 180 Days
  • Age Limit: 0.5 Years – 80 years
  • Premium: BDT 3,000 onwards

World Wide

  • Travel Time: 7 – 180 Days
  • Age Limit: 0.5 Years – 80 years
  • Premium: BDT 1,332 onwards

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